IOKAM BHR I-131 Oral Capsule

Active substance:

Sodium Iodide (131 I): 0.15-7400 MBq / capsule

Additive substances:

Disodium phosphate, water for injection, sodium carbonate-bicarbonate buffer, sodium hydroxide and sodium iodide (Nal).

IoKam BHR I-131 oral capsule in their original lead shield packaging is kept under 25C at room temperature in hospitals or application centers.

Oral Capsule will not be used after the expiry date which is stated on the label after “EXP”

It is used for treatment:

Thyroid Cancer,
Toxical Nodular Goiter,
Toxical Diffused Goiter Diseases,

For diagnostic:

Thyroid scintigraphy

I-131 Oral Capsulel&Solution Activity Table