Samyoung Unitech Co. Ltd. was originally established on July 3, 1992 to manufacture industrial and automation machinery.

Samyoung Unitech which aims to be a company with high quality standards where cutting edge technology and R&D based price competition is adopted; employs its employees in their best positions.

Currently under the roof of Samyoung Unitech, Radiopharmaceutical Center, Cyclotron Center, Precision Machine Center and Research and Development Center are present.

The Radiopharmaceutical Center has become the first company in Korea which succeeded to produce and develop radioisotopes for medical applications and became a leader company via providing radioisotope to local and overseas hospitals..

Since its establishment, Precision Machine Center has specialized in designing factory automation systems. Continuing to grow as a pioneer in design and as a leader in its own subject, the center is designing, installing and manufacturing LCD glass production equipment since 2005. Besides, this center also produces cyclotron, hot cell and other related equipment, which are the mechanical parts of the radiopharmaceutical..

The Research and Development Center achieved great success in local markets by redesigning metal and radiation detectors within the context of product development activities..

In R&D activities, the focus was on the designing of radon detectors and especially detectors towards the food sector and facilities which produce new generation products. .

In order to complete the product portfolio, collaboration studies continue with domestic institutes. The purpose of these studies is to complete the company’s portfolio in the radiopharmacy field..

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