TECHNEKAM BHR 99Mo / 99mTc Radionuclide generator, 5-55 GBq Mo-99 Radionuclide generator

Active Substance:
Mother Nucleotide; Sodium molybdate (Na99MoO4) 5-55 GBq / Radionuclide Generator (Activity of Mo-99 at calibration date) Girl Nucleotide; 99mTechnetium sodium pertechnetate (Na99mTcO4) (99Mo / 99mTc is obtained from radionuclide generator system)

TECHNEKAM BHR 99Mo/99mTc RADIONUCLIDE GENERATOR in their original packaging is kept under 25°C at room temperature in hospitals or application centers.

For radionuclide generator useful life is 15 days from date of production. 99mTc sodium pertechnetate obtained from radionuclide generator solution (eluate) should be kept in the lead shield and must be used within 12 hours at temperatures below 25°C.

When the sterile sodium (99mTc) pertechnetate solution is administered intravenously, it is used as a diagnostic aid in the following:

- Thyroid scintigraphy
- Salivary gland scintigraphy
- Location of ectopic gastric mucosa
- Cerebral scintigraphy
- Cardiac and vascular scintigraphy
- Lacrimal chanel scintigraphy
- Gastrointestinal bleeding scintigraphy
- Artroscintigraphy
- Organ perfusion scintigraphy

Tc-99m Generator Activity Table